Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions – General information about online purchases at Grønnehave Strand Camping

English translation
Please note that the danish “Handelsbetingelser” is the binding terms and conditions. The following is only a translation of that. You can find the Danish original here: https://gronnehave.dk/handelsbetingelser/ 

Sales and delivery 
In the following you will find useful information related to use of online booking. You can read about how we treat your information, how to receive a receipt for a purchase and more.

All prices are, like everywhere else on the website, written in DKK including VAT and all taxes unless otherwise stated and clearly stated in the situation. Payment is made using one of the accepted payment cards / credit cards for online booking, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. A fee is charged on all payment cards. 

Information about shopping online 
Shop safely online through our online booking system. You are in principle ensured in relation to any misuse of your credit card online, therefore there is no deductible for misuse of your credit card via the Internet. You can read more about how you as a consumer relate to payments on the internet at the following websites: www.betaling.dk, www.fdih.dk.

Change of booking 
To change the booking, please contact the campsite. 

Shipping and delivery 
When booking and paying for a cabin, a place for your own tent, or a place for your own caravan or motorhome, you will be presented with a booking confirmation / contract from Grønnehave Strand Camping, where the accounts for this purchase appear. The contract can be printed from the website after the reservation has been made, and is also sent via e-mail after the purchase, if the correct e-mail address is provided by the buyer. Delivery of the ordered product takes place on arrival at Grønnehave Strand Camping on the day of arrival (and ends on departure on the day of departure). Both times are stated in the above-mentioned contract. The ordered product cannot be transferred to other persons or exchanged for cash.

Cancelation and refund
You have the option to cancel your booking on the following terms:

If canceled 30 days or more before date of arrival, 50% of the stays full amount will be reimbursed. If canceled 29 days or less before date of arrival, no refund will be made. If you have started your holiday with us, the booked period is binding and cannot be transferred to other persons.

Cancellation insurance for cabin rental
By purchasing cancellation insurance, you can cancel your stay up to 7 days before the arrival date and receive a full refund, except for the insurance fee of 399 DKK.

Cancellation insurance for campground rental
By purchasing cancellation insurance, you can cancel your stay up to the day before arrival and receive a full refund, except for the insurance fee of 299 DKK.

Registration of data
Grønnehave Strand Camping registers your name, address, e-mail and other information provided in connection to the purchase in its customer directory. The information is not passed on, but Grønnehave Strand Camping retains the registration for 5 years. Grønnehave Strand Camping uses server-side cookies and a secure connection to create the security of the information you provide on the site. Payment with credit card happens via a secure server where the information is encrypted before being sent over the Internet. If prices are not correct in the online booking, is always the prices stated on the website which is valid

Handling of complaints

If for any reason you do not receive your contract confirming your purchase and you have not received an error message from the system, then you can contact the campsite at the address or telephone number below.

Complaints about the booking process or the booking itself must be made within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error or should have discovered the error by regular review of your contract. You can complain in writing or orally.

If you want to complain after you have returned home, you can write to us at the email address info@gronnehave.dk no later than 7 days after departure.

At Grønnehave Strand Camping we will do everything to make your stay something special. However, errors can always occur, and if there are things you as a guest are dissatisfied with, you must contact the reception as soon as possible. Should a unit be inadequately cleaned, or should there be damage to the unit, which we have overlooked, you must immediately after arrival (within 2 hours) contact the reception to have this defect rectified. Complaints received regarding cleaning on departure will not be dealt with.

Grønnehave Strand Camping cannot be held responsible for occurrences of animals and insects, as we are in a nature area.

Business information
Grønnehave Strand Camping Regstrupvej 83, DK-5800 Nyborg. TEL +45 65 36 15 50 MAIL: info@gronnehave.dk CVR: 40096426

Campsite rules

With us, many people live in a limited area. We have different habits and that is just part of the charm of camping. It also means that a few, simple rules must apply to avoid some campers being a nuisance to others. Here are our campsite rules.

The camp managers are responsible for order and are available in case of problems. The camp manager’s instructions must always be followed.
We ask you to be considerate to other camping guests. Noisy behavior is not allowed. 
No noise 23-07, where the gate is also locked, and driving is not allowed.
Driving must generally be reduced to what is only necessary and must take place at walking speed of maximum of 10 km/h as indicated by the signs on the camp site.
Only ordinary tents and awnings for caravans may be used. Tent houses with fixed walls, windows and doors are not allowed. Caravans must be mobile, ie. registered for driving by the authorities.
Shade sails may be erected – private fencing is not permitted.
Flagpoles, antennas, etc. may not be erected, and excavation at the site may only take place by agreement with the camp manager.
The use of any kind of weapon and fireworks is prohibited on the camp site.
On-site trade is only accepted if the camp manager’s permission is obtained.
Common facilities, ie. toilets, laundry rooms, kitchens, etc., must be left in the same condition as you want to find them, ie. clean and tidy.
The designated waste sorting must be used. Information about sorting can be found at the waste area.
Car wash must not take place on the camp site.
Charging electric and hybrid cars is not allowed.
Ball games may only take place on the soccer field and not between tents and caravans.
Smoking is not allowed in the campsite buildings. Use ashtrays or trash cans.
Wagons must be parked as directed by the camp manager.

Dogs must not make noise. Walking the dog must take place outside the area of the camp site. Dogs must always be kept on a short leash and a plastic bag must always be brought in case of any accidents. No dogs in the service building or on the jetty.


Caravans/tents must not be placed closer than 1.5 meters from the boundary of the unit. This is to achieve a fire safety distance of 3 meters between the caravans/ tents. Should a fire occur, there are extinguishing material placed around the site – see campsite overview. Alert the fire department by calling 112.
Each unit may have up to two bottles of gas. Bonfire is generally prohibited and may only take place with a special permission from the camp manager.
There are barbecues available free to use on the terrace. Set the barbeque in the open so that smoke and heat can escape. Place the barbeque on an even surface that cannot burn. Place the barbeque at a good distance from any vegetation and buildings. Have some water standing close to the barbeque, i.e., a bucket of water. Let the fire burn out completely outdoors.

Check in is from 14.00.
Payment is no later than 10.00 on the day of departure. Departure no later than 12.00.
Check in is from 14.00.
Departure no later than 11.00.

We, as owners of Grønnehave Strand Camping, assume no liability for damage or loss of the camping guests’ belongings. Anyone who damages buildings, equipment or fellow campers’ property can be held liable in accordance with the general rules of compensation. Most campers are of course considerate in their behavior. Sanctions against the few who do not comply with the rules of the camp site can be expulsion.

As we are surrounded by nature, it must be protected. Branches of trees or shrubs must not be sawn of. This is the responsibility of the camp manager. Remember to clean up after yourself. Use the bins.

For camping guests who have entered into an agreement of a seasonal pitch, more detailed rules apply for the caravan’s mobility, the layout of the pitches, etc. The rules are incorporated in the agreement of seasonal guests but can always be handed out by contacting the reception.

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